Local Firefighters Participate in Ice Rescue Training

After 3 days of training, 6 additional Northern Bruce Peninsula firefighters were certified to the level of ice rescue technician. Shown here at the Lion’s Head lighthouse.

Submitted by Northern Bruce Peninsula Fire & Emergency Services

March 23, 2021 – Firefighters from the Northern Bruce Peninsula Fire Department (NBPFD) set out onto the ice the past two weekends, training in the lifesaving techniques used in Ice Rescue. Members from the Lion’s Head and Tobermory stations attended training sites in Little Tub Harbour, Lion’s Head Harbour, and Cameron Lake over three days and were met with realistic rescue conditions, including steady winds and decaying ice.

Training began with shore based rescue techniques, including throw bags and reach poles, both of which allow firefighters to begin a rescue without personnel leaving the shore. Donning drysuits, gloves, hoods, PFDs, and helmets, firefighters also trained in the use of equipment such as rescue rings, floating baskets, rescue boards and finally the inflatable crafts carried by the two stations.

After 3 days of training, instructors were able to certify 6 additional firefighters to the level of ice rescue technician, or the level which involves leaving shore and departing out onto the ice. Additional members were trained to the levels of operations and awareness, which allow them to provide shore based rescue techniques, scene safety, incident size-up, and support technician level rescues. 

The NBPFD would like to thank all those who attended, as well as Cedar Grove Cottages for the use of their property.

Due to the circumstances of Covid-19, Additional safety measures were implemented to ensure the safety of all personnel involved.

The NBPFD would like to remind everyone that no ice is safe ice, and to always use caution when active, on or around ice.