Tobermory Chamber of Commerce Elects New Executive

Submitted by The Tobermory Chamber of Commerce

At its Annual General Meeting on Oct 22 (held on Zoom), Tobermory Chamber of Commerce elected a new Executive. Kent Wilkens, Helen McFarlane, Griffin Salen, Brent Robins and John Francis were elected as directors. Bev Warren agreed to stay on as Treasurer; Neda Sarbakhsh is Past President and Megan Myles remains as Council Rep from the municipality. 

The new Chamber Executive held its first meeting on Oct 29 (also on Zoom). Kent Wilkens was elected President; Helen McFarlane was elected Vice President and John Francis was elected Secretary. Griffin Salen will serve as the Chamber’s representative on the Tourism Advisory Board.

The Executive identified two immediate action items: hiring a coordinator/information booth supervisor (see ad page 15) and creating a subcommittee to review the Chamber’s Bylaws.

Other proposed initiatives include establishing subcommittees to examine the future of Tobermory Harbour and the Visitor Information Centre.

The next meeting is scheduled for Nov 20.