Royal Canadian Legion Lion’s Head, Branch 202 – Remembrance Day 2019

Bruce Peninsula District School students join Rev Sue McCullough at the annual Lion’s Head Remembrance Day Service at the Cenotaph on Main Street.
Submitted by PRO Officer Peter Dodge

Mother Nature was not too kind on November 11th this year, cold, with snow driven winds. Yet it did not deter so many people in attending the services at both Memorial Corner and the Lion’s Head Cenotaph. It was especially wonderful to see the entire Bruce Peninsula District School in Lion’s Head braving the weather. It was amazing how well-behaved the youngest children were, especially in the Minute of Silence.

Rev Sue McCullough was inspired by the singing of our anthems, by the children, as she led the services. Last post bugler was Legion Member Dr. Thomson. As usual Legion Members and Ladies Auxiliary were strongly involved.

Additionally, we were inspired by Cadet Austin Mielhausen, who provided so much service, in escorting Wreath Layers, to both Memorial sites. His Cadet Uniform, plus his very smart Salute, was an inspiration to all on lookers.

Memorial Wreaths are laid at the Monument Corners Cenotaph on Lindsay Rd 5.

Prior to this years’ services, the Legion Poppy Donation Drive was extremely successful, much due to the hard work, by the event coordinator Wayne Morningstar. It is amazing, that as we move more and more to a cashless society that so many wonderful people are able to donate freely.

On the last day of October, the Ladies Auxiliary held their Meat Pie Bake. Over 1,100 were prepared and sold. The efficiency of the kitchen team was amazing, the original MacDonald Brothers would have been left in awe watching the team at work.

Membership dues are being collected, please ensure to renew before the years end, if not already done so.

New members are always welcome. We are happy that there is more and more interest in younger Veterans wishing to join and attend. Yet, please remember that you do not need to be a Veteran or Service Member to join.

The Ladies Auxiliary do such a wonderful job in catering so many events held at the Legion Branch that I am sure new members are joining just to enjoy their cooking!

Memorial Wreaths laid at the Cenotaph in Lion’s Head on Nov 11.