In The Garden: Hints From A Mrs. Gardener Our Car Pool Adventure

Submitted by Joan Regan

On Tuesday, the 18th of June, a few of us gardening friends hopped into our cars and went on another adventure. After stopping in Hepworth at Timmies for some fuel, we headed down country to Neustadt, to see Anna’s garden, the gardens of Bill and Anna Barger. Members of the Rural Gardens of Grey & Bruce Counties.
The garden is right in the town of Neustadt and it is absolutely jaw dropping. Hosta Heaven for me. Over 900 varieties of Hostas. Simply mind-boggling. Beautiful little paths surrounding that take you to the gardens. Not a weed in sight . Beautiful birdhouses made by Bill, and a cute little dog to welcome you. This garden is a must-see even if you’re not a gardener, and of course… I had to add a couple more plants to our own collections.
Anna had earlier recommended “My Pleasures” to us for a picnic lunch What a wonderful surprise this was. Our picnic lunch came in pretty pink and white gift bags, complete with pretty flowered napkins. Lunches made to suit everyone’s taste and even a pretty tablecloth that matched the lunch bags. Jamie had recommended we take the little path to the park that ran beside the river – a pretty path, easy walking, ending at a walking bridge where we set up a table for our lunch complete with a beautiful tray of homemade sweets and drinks, also of our choice. My Pleasures is a small Victorian style café, open this time of the year only on weekends. We were so fortunate that Jamie offered to make us our wonderful lunches and sharing with us the short path to the park to enjoy them.
Across the road from My Pleasures is Grannies, and if you have travelled through Neustadt, you have probably gone into Grannies. Offered is a huge selection of ice cream (we were still full from our lunch) and a lovely selection of home baking as well, a little boutique filled with gifts for family and friends and even to treat ourselves. Then there is the Garden Center. Huge selection of beautiful hanging baskets and annuals and perennials as well. And some did find their way into our vehicles. No surprise there.
After leaving Neustadt we headed back up to Owen Sound to visit Moreland place. WOW! What an experience this is. If you haven’t been to Moreland place we all highly recommend it. Visiting it is like stepping back into time…. way back. It is mind boggling to think that something like this is here and that Barry More is willing to share with us. The home is filled with period treasures and the grounds are something one would see in a movie and apparently both have been featured in many. We were so fortunate to get a guided tour from Barry of the Stately home as well as the grounds. Didn’t go into the maze…. I wouldn’t be writing this right now…. I would still be wandering in it (with my sense of direction).
We all came home tired, happy , inspired, and already planning our next adventure.
Happy Gardening,
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