Rotary Club Of Northern Bruce Peninsula News: Rotary Club Membership Swells

Submitted by Jim Dilamarter

We can only say how pleased we are to see the growth in Rotary membership in our club since this time last year. Our club has grown by 8 members since June of 2018; that is quite the growth. 

Recently, President Doug received an Award from Rotary District Assistant Governor Pat Cavan acknowledging that growth. With the recent addition of Heidi Neumann, our club has grown to 22 members. All of our new members are workers who are anxious to support our club and our community. It is so exciting to see this ‘spirit’ alive and well in our club.

rotary Heidi Neumann Doug Embleton
Heidi Neumann is welcomed into Rotary by President Doug Embleton. Heidi is our 22nd member and the 8th new member in 8 months!

If you are interested in joining our team, please contact any Rotarian for information or leave a message on our phone answering machine, 519 793 4040 and we will get back to you. This is an exciting time for Rotary and we have lots of opportunities for you to serve this great community.


While attendance at our Friday night and Saturday afternoon movies have varied in numbers we are beginning to see that many in the community are beginning to look forward to them. THEY SHALL CONTINUE THROUGH MARCH and we shall have further news about them in April.

Great hits such as ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ and ‘A Star is Born’ have had large turnouts but we are still hoping for more each week. We aren’t allowed to advertise other than through our FaceBook Page, our telephone machine, or Lion’s Head Headlines but the word seems to get out. We appreciate each person passing the information to their friends.

Those who have attended have enjoyed what they have seen and you can’t beat the price. This is another way Rotary tries to raise money to use for its many projects in this community and elsewhere. 


This past few months Rotarians have been kept busy by hosting bars at three venues, as well as a host of other events held at the hall. Looking ahead to the spring and summer we can only see more exciting challenges and events for Rotarians to work.