The Meeting Place Food Security News: The $$ & Sense Club Starting Jan 25th

Julie Rouse (left) and Jen Williams (right with sleeping Rosemary) attend the Community Kitchens Christmas Baking exchange on Dec 13th.

Submitted by Sharon McComb

Have Your Say with Survey Participation

If you’re friends with The Meeting Place (TMP) on Facebook, you may have noticed the survey that we posted before Christmas. (If you aren’t already “friends” with us, you really should join us!) The survey is designed with families of school-aged kids in mind. As part of Food Security programming this winter, we will be posting a survey each month about a different topic. We hope that local residents will take a few minutes and fill these surveys out. 

You’re wondering, “why bother?” Let me explain why: there are many things that set our community apart from the rest of Ontario communities: the natural beauty, the isolated location, being surrounded on 3 sides by water, the seasonal nature of business, the boom/bust nature of employment, the lack of affordable (or any) rental housing and the high number of seasonal or retired residents, among other things. Other communities have some of these characteristics too, but few have them all. I believe this makes living in Tobermory a unique experience. And, I believe, this unique living environment affects the factors contributing to Food Security in a unique way. 

My role at The Meeting Place is to learn more about this, not just for our own interest, but also to communicate this uniqueness with other groups studying Food Security in this region. The survey option of sharing your experiences and opinions allows you to be heard, but from the comfort of your own home, without taking up a lot of your time. So please be sure to take part. The results of each survey will be summarized and reported right here, in the Press. 

If there are topics that you feel are relevant, please let us know. 

Community Kitchens

On December 13th TMP hosted Community Kitchens – Christmas Baking Exchange at the Tobermory Community Centre. We had a wonderful turn-out with some fresh new faces and delicious creations! I came home with a container of 7 different varieties of yummy cookies, full to the brim. Once again, the opportunity to come together and share over food was fun and rewarding. 

Thank you to Linda Webb and everyone who attended for contributing to my Christmas baking… my family was very appreciative! 

Watch our Facebook page and for posters around town for our next event: “Heart Healthy Cooking That’s Not Boring” being held February 7th. 

New Club on the Block

The new year is a time of resolutions and a new determination to start fresh. It’s common to set our sights on our health, weight or finances. So it’s a great time to reassess our grocery budgeting strategies with a new program called “The $$ & Sense Club”. It’s geared to people who are serious about creating a new habit of shopping on budget. It requires a 6 week commitment to “belong to the Club.” 

On Friday afternoons, starting January 25th at noon, the Club will meet at Tobermory United Church and strategically plan a 6-day menu for the following week – based on the weekly Foodland flyer. The opportunity, as a group, to brainstorm and share recipes, meal ideas and tips makes the tedious, often stressful chore more interesting. Anything can be fun if you do it with friends! We will be menu planning based on what’s on sale, then moving to the kitchen to prepare a meal together. At the end of each week’s session, members will go home with dinner #7 to feed their family. 

There is no cost to join The $$ & Sense Club, but we can accommodate 8 members only. Once the program begins, it will be a closed group. 

Challenge yourself to this 6 week opportunity and register early to ensure you are included. Email us at TMP to enroll. 

Happy New Year from The Meeting Place, and remember: survey, survey, survey!!

Baking cookies at the Dec 13th Community Kitchens Christmas Baking exchange.