MNBP Fire Ban 101

Sign indicating the current fire ban in the Municipality of Northern Bruce Peninsula.
By Joanne Rodgers, Bruce Peninsula Press


A fire ban is currently in place for the Northern Bruce Peninsula.

Why a fire ban?

A Restricted Fire Zone (RFZ) is an order made by the Minister of Natural Resources and Forestry, under the Forest Fires Prevention Act restricting the use of open fires in a specific area of the province. There are two reasons why a Restricted Fire Zone is in effect:

-When outdoor conditions are extremely dry; and

-The number of fires occurring has stretched firefighting resources to capacity.

No campfires or open flames on residential properties

For residents/cottagers/short-term rentals, this means:

-No open-air burning of any kind, including brush clearing, burn barrels, chimineas, and fire pits;

-Use of outdoor fire appliances, such as fireplaces, wood-burning stoves, charcoal barbeques, propane fire tables, outdoor ovens or any other open flame devices are prohibited; and 

-All fire permits are currently suspended.

A propane barbeque or stove may be used but must be supervised at all times and extinguished upon completion of cooking.

Campfires allowed for cooking in organized campgrounds or provincial parks

For campers in organized campgrounds or provincial parks:

-You can have an outdoor fire if strict criteria are met, campfires, and charcoal barbeques may be allowed.

-However no recreational campfires are allowed.

This means you can cook your steak, but cannot sit around the quintessential campfire, in the muggy hot weather enjoying an ice-cold beer.

Campgrounds must comply with the rules of the Outdoor Fires Regulations (O. Reg 207/96) including no campfires between 10 a.m and 7 p.m.

A propane barbeque or stove may be used but must be supervised at all times and extinguished upon completion of cooking.

No campfires or open flames in the National Park

For visitors to the Cyprus Lake Campground and backcountry sites in Bruce Peninsula National Park and Fathom Five National Marine Park: 

-You cannot have any campfires or open flames. 

-Cannot use charcoal, briquette or wood BBQs, Turkey Fryers, Outdoor wood burning stove including shelters, candles, or portable propane fire pits.

-Can use gas or propane stoves and BBQs.

More info at

No campfires on the Bruce Trail

For hikers, this means you are not to have any campfires anywhere along the Bruce Trail north of Wiarton to Tobermory.

You may use a propane stove, supervised at all times.

Penalties for non-compliance within the Municipality of Northern Bruce Peninsula are: 

-A fine of up to $25,000

-Three months in jail

-Financial responsibility for any costs incurred in fighting a forest fire.

Fireworks Ban

Northern Bruce Peninsula has a bylaw on Fireworks; no one is permitted to set-off fireworks without approval from the NBP Fire Chief. 

See the official bylaw here:

The approval of a permit for Canada Day fireworks display in Dyers Bay was based on the location and the area the fireworks were being discharged (i.e., the government dock). The Fire Chief was also present during the event.

Fire Ban in place to keep the community safe

Northern Bruce Peninsula CAO Peggy Van Mierlo-West says the rules are in place to try and keep the community and everyone safe.

If you see an unauthorized fire, call Bylaw at 519-793-3522 Ext. 235

If it is an emergency, call 911

Relatively safe Canada Day weekend

During the Canada Day weekend, there were two reports of fires and one vehicle accident on the Peninsula.

If you are unsure about the rules or have other concerns, email the Municipality. The Municipality recommends that if you have enquiries, to please use their online email form found at