In The Garden: Hints From A Mrs. Gardener: Every Houseplant Has a Story

Submitted by Joan Regan

It’s February already, hoping all our family and friends are staying put and staying safe. How this world has changed in a year. Missing our family and friends so, so much… and oh those hugs.

However, I do love our little  old house on the corner so don’t mind the “stay put”. Getting into the spring cleaning thing early – reflecting on so many things. Almost everything here is old including us. It is decorated in what I call “Early Attic” and everything has a story. My Grandma’s desk, Pete’s Grandpa’s chair, and on and on, everywhere I look there is a story. The middle of this house dates back to 1918, so seems fitting to have it full of old things I guess.

Looking around I start to realise that so many of my indoor plants also have their own stories. The Pothos and the Philodendrons all come from plants I purchased at Woolworth’s downtown Hamilton when we were first married, coming 60 yrs ago now. The Spider Plant from way back when Macramé was all the rage in the seventies. The Sansevieria (Snake Plant) was from plants from my Mom and Pete’s Mom’s plants; one started to look tired last year but with some TLC it is fine now and sending out new shoots.

I completely lost the Philodendron, but thanks to our Niece Allison (who I had given cuttings to)  she is back and thriving. A couple of large Corn Plants that have called this house their home for years and a newer favorite Chinese Evergreens .

Quite a few newbies here as well that I have grown to love, a Xmas Cactus from a friend, two beautiful Peace Lilies from Peacocks as well.

All my indoor plants do keep me happy till the outdoor ones start to poke their heads out come Spring. They have all had a wipe down, their soil stirred and topped up, and they too are waiting for Spring, just like we are.

Till then, happy indoor gardening.

Keep Safe,


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