Fighting Phragmites Around the Oliphant Fishing Islands

Submitted by Wendy Rodgers

Phragmites has a particularly strong foothold around the beautiful Fishing Islands and along the shores of Oliphant. This will be the third year of cutting by amphibious cutters called Truxors in this area. With repeated cutting and high water levels, there has been a great reduction in the regrowth of phragmites in this area and it is important to keep it cut.

Truxors are being hired again this year for 4 days of cutting. On August 22 the Truxors are being coordinated by the Bruce Peninsula Biosphere Association which has been sponsored through a donation from the Wiarton Rotary Club. We are looking for volunteers to help remove phragmites after the Truxors have been through. It is wet work but a fun and rewarding experience.

Please join the Bruce Peninsula Biosphere Association Community Volunteers, Rotarians and Friends of Rotary on August 22nd, from 8:00am – 4:00pm at the Oliphant dock area. Volunteers are needed for between 2-8 hours. If you are interested please contact Wendy Rodgers, Biosphere Program Manager at or call 519-793-3482.


Volunteers will have two opportunities: 

1. Gather pieces of phragmites left after the Truxors have cut and put them on a barge. 

2. Use raspberry cane cutters to cut single stalks where the phragmites is thin. 

This work requires able-bodied people who are comfortable standing in water sometimes just above waist level. For location and what to bring call or email Wendy. 

If you are interested but not available on the 22nd, you can always volunteer for a morning or afternoon to remove phragmites from the Northern Bruce Peninsula – just call Wendy.

Other dates and contacts for cutting taking place in Oliphant:

• August 19: OFIPCG – To volunteer contact Leslie Wood

• August 20: Oliphant Campers’ Association (OCA) – To volunteer contact Dave Livingstone OCA

• August 21: OFIPCG – To volunteer contact Leslie Wood

Please come help the Oliphant community that has rallied to remove invasive phragmites from the Huron shore!