Biosphere/Trillium Foundation Funded Local Research Presentation April 25th at Rotary Hall

David Ure and Professor Bulent Mutus constructing the Nutrient Biofilter at the Lion’s Head site.
Submitted by Neils Munk

Last summer, the Bruce Peninsula Biosphere Association with funding from the Ontario Trillium Foundation facilitated original research projects on the Peninsula. Teams from the University of Windsor and the University of Guelph worked on two projects to help advance our understanding of the local environment and develop innovative systems to solve water quality problems.
The Association has invited the research teams to present a summary of their work at a meeting to be held on April 25 at 7:30 pm at the Rotary Hall in Lion’s Head. All are welcome to attend.
David Ure, MSc. student, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, University of Windsor worked on “Nutrient Biofilter Testing at the Lion’s Head Site”. David will describe his project which tested the efficacy of agricultural by-products in their ability to remove nutrients from manure-contaminated water.
Kyle McCarrel, MSc. candidate, Department of Geography, Environment and Geomatics, University of Guelph, will present “A Century of Change – Tracking Watershed Change using Lake Sediments From Little Lake, Bruce Peninsula”. Kyle will take us on a journey through the last 100 years, describing the environmental changes interpreted from sediments found in Little Lake.
John Rodgers will present news as President of the Bruce County Federation of Agriculture and Mike Chambers from Stoltz Farm Equipment will talk about advancements of field imagery technology and its potential for yield improvement in agricultural production.
Refreshments will be available and there is no charge for admission.