SWANS Prepare for Summer Events



Submitted by Bonnie Warder

June already!?! The agenda for the regular June meeting was sent out by President Cathy McLay and it looks like this month will be another busy one for the SWANS. It has been quiet since our annual Fashion Show but that was a welcome break, so we are all rested up and ready to go for the many events planned over the summer. 

Another big thanks to all those that helped to make our Fashion Show the best yet, we really appreciate it.

Several SWANS members will be assisting the students in the Outers Program with their Fundraising Dinner on June 11th. This is an amazing educational opportunity at Bruce Peninsula District School (BPDS), so if you have a chance, join them for a Lasagna Dinner to help with some of their expenses. 

Later in June, we will be making presentations at the graduation ceremonies to a couple of students. The SWANS are proud to support our local school in many ways, our community is fortunate to be home to many wonderful young people!

The Club doesn’t hold monthly meetings over the summer but we still have many commitments and will be assigning convenors to make them happen. The weather has been interesting, making gardening and other outside projects complicated, but all the rain gives us beautiful scenery to enjoy. 

Wishing everyone a fun summer and I will keep you updated on the Club’s activities in the upcoming issues of the Press.

Please contact Roberta Mielhausen at 519-374-4110 for information on how to give SWANS a try.