Climate Comment for May 2024


The Warmth Continues

Submitted by Bill Caulfeild-Browne

The mean temperature for June in the last century was 9.1C; this year it was 11.2C, or 2.1C above normal. At Tobermory airport, back from the cold lake water, it was even warmer, at 12.2C. 

The low for the month occurred on the 7th when we flirted with freezing at 2.6C; there was evidence of frost on some roofs down the peninsula. The highest the mercury clawed up to was 23.4C on the 22nd.

Rain was once again plentiful, though not record-setting. Big Tub Harbour saw 98mm against an historical average of 65mm. Much of it came down in just three days – 26mm on the 8th, 11mm on the 19th and further 11mm on the 22nd. But on the whole it was a pleasant month save for some thick fog on several days at month-end.

Nearly all Ontario had significantly warmer than normal weather. Southern Ontario was typically up by two to three degrees while the North was one to two degrees above historical levels. Rainfall was almost the opposite – wetter in the south and drier to the north, though both Kenora and Thunder Bay were exceptions. Sudbury saw only 60% of normal precipitation.

The only significant event was the strong thunderstorms that pummelled central Ontario on May 22nd. Power went out for 31,000 Hydro One customers and falling trees caused much damage but no injuries.

Environment Canada forecasts continued warmer than normal weather for June. We shall see!