No Canada Day Fireworks in Dyers Bay Due to Environmental Concerns

By Joanne Rodgers, Bruce Peninsula Press

Seventy-three percent of the membership of the Dyers Bay Association voted to explore more environmentally friendly options to fireworks for their Canada Day Celebrations.

The Association has a mandate to protect the local environment and its members were concerned about the negative impacts of the fireworks display. The Dyers Bay community is located on the migratory path of birds and is situated close to the Bird Observatory at Cabot Head. The area is also home to nesting turtles and other wildlife. Noise pollution and debris from the fireworks which fall into the Bay are considered dangerous to the overall wellbeing of these creatures.

A motion was brought forward last year and a membership meeting was held last September. However, to ensure that all of the 150 members of the Association had the opportunity to express their views, an online vote was held, which closed on May 20, 2024.

Mark Matthews of the Dyers Bay Association says that the fireworks site was inspected by the local Fire Chief and always received a good safety rating. The actual displays were managed by volunteers knowledgeable about pyrotechnics. The Dyers Bay Canada Day fireworks have been held for the past 15 years and is a hugely popular event, last year there were over 200 persons in attendance at the Dock. 

The Association has explored the option of a drone light display, which is increasingly being used as a more environmentally-friendly option worldwide. However, with the Association’s modest budget, a drone display is not financially feasible at this time.

The Annual Dyers Bay Canada Day celebrations including the fireworks are totally funded by the Association and by donations. The celebrations include a Parade, BBQ, Bake sale and Book Sale hosted as a fundraiser for the Association. 

This year the fireworks budget will be used to host a daytime concert. The Association has already reached out to some bands, but local musicians interested in performing at the Canada Day Concert can contact the Association via email at

The Association wishes to remind everyone that all of the usual fun filled activities are still on. The Canada Day celebrations start at noon with a parade at the top of the hill, followed by bbq/bake sale and book sale.