Food Insecurity Ongoing Issue in Grey-Bruce


Tobermory Food Bank News

Submitted by Linda Godhue 

At the end of February, the Grey Bruce Health Unit released a report highlighting the difficulties many Grey Bruce single adults and families face to feed themselves. This report was recently brought forward again in one of their news releases. The report tells us that almost 1/5 households in Grey Bruce (17.5%) struggle to afford the food they need. It also tells us that in Grey Bruce the cost of food for a family of four is $301 a week or $1,305 a month. A single adult has to spend $468 a month to meet Canada’s Food Guide recommendations. 

The reality is that not all households experience the rising cost of food in the same way. That is very dependent on level of income or health and disability issues. Food Banks across the region know that Food Insecurity is a growing problem. The Tobermory Food Bank knows this first hand.

We continue our work assisting those most in need with the generosity and support from donations from individuals, organizations, churches and businesses. We at the Tobermory Food Bank, on behalf of our clients, are very grateful for this support.

A great example of this support is from Susan Griffith owner of Reader’s Haven Book Store here in Tobermory. Susan has permitted the Tobermory Food Bank to have a cash donation jar at the cashout register. It is very much appreciated that Reader’s Haven would make the Tobermory Food Bank known to customers visiting the store.

The Tobermory Food Bank will once again be having Hot Dogs and a Cold Drink available on Saturday June 15th during the Chi-Cheemaun Festival. Pre-Covid this was an annual event. We will be downtown, and as before, it is by a donation to enjoy a barbequed Hot Dog and Cold Drink. 

If you wish to donate to the Tobermory Food Bank, there are many ways to do so. You can drop off grocery items at the Tobermory Post Office or during regular Food Bank Hours at The Meeting Place on Tuesdays between 1 p.m. and 3 p.m. You can make a cash donation by e-transfer to, please include your name and address, by a separate email if necessary. You can also mail a cheque to Tobermory Food Bank, P.O. Box 144, Tobermory, ON N0H 2R0. Also, Peacock’s Foodland will accept cash donations at the check out. Tax Receipts are issued for donations over $20.

For more information about the Tobermory Food Bank, call Linda at 519-596-2333, Jennifer at 519-596-2188 or Jim at 519-375-7010. Or visit our website

Again, if you are facing Food Insecurity and need some assistance in feeding yourself or your family, please reach out. Also, if you know of someone facing Food Insecurity, please let them know that with the support of the community the Tobermory Food Bank is here to help. All is held in confidence.

Keep taking care.