In The Garden – Hints From A Mrs Gardener


Now… On To The Houseplants

Submitted by Joan Regan 

The gardens have shut down, looking so sad. Waiting for the white stuff to pretty them up again. Scot (Son)cut down a sad Cedar tree so lots of greenery to play with for the festive season. Filling the barrels and pots that are hanging in the trees, no bling though till December. Having a pot in a pot in my big containers is working out great, putting the greenery in. Just have to push the branches in the containers being careful not to dig in the pots with perennials in them. 

Garden shut down – now on to my houseplants. They were starting to get a bit pouty, however a bit of a clean up and a shot of diluted fertiliser and they are all happy. 

The Peace Lilies are looking fantastic, still lots of blooms. The two I brought home from Peacocks are still putting out pretty white flowers. 

The Pothos are getting more white in them… wondering if it is the different fertiliser? Hmmm? These Pothos are all from a plant I bought at Woolworths or Kresges in Hamilton when we were first married. That was 63 years ago. So so many cuttings from them.

The Philodendrons were not so happy – they’re long gone. Still trying to get my Violets to bloom. They look happy, just no flowers. Any hints please?

The cactus looked like she might bloom this year, but false alarm, just a growing spurt. 

Guess I will just treat myself to another Poinsettia and enjoy her for the festive season.

Till then – Happy Houseplant Gardening.