Climate Comment for September 2023A Warm Month!

Submitted by Bill Caulfeild-Browne

It seems a bit late to be writing about September, but publication dates of the Press don’t always line up with timely submissions – or my five week absence from Tobermory! Anyway, it was a warm month with a mean temperature only a degree or so below that of August, which was, admittedly, cooler than usual.

We started out with the mercury in the high twenties, reaching a maximum of 28.1C on the 6th. The next week was about normal except for one night when a mere 6.9C prevailed. But summer-like conditions returned on the autumnal equinox (21st) with highs back over 20C. The mean for the month was 1.6C above the historic norm.

Most of Ontario was quite dry but we got a couple of downpours that added up to an above normal result – 96 mm. against 80 mm. Over half that fell on the 12th, the rest coming on the 6th and the 18th. Despite the total amount of precipitation, we only had four rainy days in the entire month.

Sunshine was abundant; it was one of the sunniest months I have recorded. All in all, an excellent end to what has been a pretty variable season. Let’s hope October extends that – so far it has been warmer than normal.