32 Litter Ambassadors Registered with Keep the Bruce Clean & Green

Photo: The addition of a handwritten note to the Mermaid’s Cove KTBC&G sign.
Submitted by KTBC&G 

Keep the Bruce Clean and Green (KTBC&G) is extremely proud to announce that we have secured 16 adults and 16 young people (thanks to St Edmunds Public School in Tobermory) as Litter Ambassadors! We have roadside trash volunteers covered from Big Tub Lighthouse, to and around town, as well as special areas like Dunks Bay, Grant Watson Drive, Pike Bay and an area in Stokes Bay! 

As we are winding the season down and picking up signs, this note was discovered affixed to the Mermaid’s Cove sign in the upper right corner:

“If you must litter, LITTER IN PLACE; Don’t hide your trash anywhere, like under a rock or in a tree stump. Hiding your trash makes it impossible for the volunteers, good people, to find your crap. LITTER IN PLACE, PLEASE….

Research has proven that signage works! Two cities in Canada have picked up on this – the City of Vancouver shares the message “LOVE WHERE YOU: LIVE. Put waste in its place.” While the city of Hamilton uses the slogan “PUT WASTE IN THE RIGHT PLACE”. Should NBP adopt this phrase and advertise it everywhere? Email us your thoughts at keepthebruceclean@gmail.com 

Our bottle return is open at 182 Cape Hurd Road for less than a month. Your participation in this initiative is allowing us to make a significant financial donation to local schools for the purchase of books on the environment. Check out the next Press for more details.