In The Garden: Hints From A Mrs Gardener


More On House Plants(My Indoor Garden)

Submitted by Joan Regan 

One of the house plants I recently treated myself to is a prayer plant. Never had one before and she is gorgeous – so happy. She really seems to like it here with quite a bit of new growth showing up.

I don’t usually repot a new plant when it arrives but she was already pot bound and had roots coming out of her flimsy container. I though she needed a new home right away – and she did. She has sent out new growth already and looks quite happy. I only went up one pot size and carefully cut the old pot off and slipped her into her new home adding a bit of new soil as well. I don’t usually water a new planting so I waited till the next evening and did not give her too much to drink. The new growth tells me she is happy. 

The Peace Lily I got at the new Peacocks store is looking great – new growth and filling in the plant corner in my little “Mom’s Room”. She has even treated me to three new flowers and looks like more are coming. This is one plant that will make a novice gardener very happy, as long as she gets lots of water. Both mine are watered every four days and will let me know when I forget. 

I saw on facebook some photos of some Pothos. Got my first one at Woolworths when we were married back in 1961. These new ones had shades of pink, purple and reds. I must find some – they were so beautiful, so different… OH NO… my garden fever is hitting too early! I must just be happy with my house plants right now – getting them all ready for their season of neglect. It won’t be long before Momma goes outside and the poor things will be missing all the loving from their Momma and they will survive on “Tough Love’. But they do survive. Surprisingly they even thrive.

So, it’s indoor gardening for now, but it will not be long before Spring is here.

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PS: Thank you for the nice comments and gardening ideas. Nice to get some new thoughts and ideas.