Long-term Landlord Housing Initiative Update: Response Exceeded Expectations

Submitted by Karla Trudgen, Project Manager

The Project Advisory Group for the Long-Term Housing Initiative have completed their review of all applications received and were pleased at the enthusiastic response to the call for funding. We received 20 completed applications by the September 14th deadline, and heard from many more interested residents. With so many quality applications it was a challenge to select the strongest projects for funding. 

The Meeting Place is encouraged by the overwhelming response of the community and the number of residents and property owners that are interested in providing attainable, long-term, year-round housing. 

We started in May of 2022 with an ad campaign featured in The Press looking for LTA landlord champions. As it turned out we think a good number have responded. This is a pilot project and we have learned a lot throughout the process, and will take these lessons forward as we work on the next housing initiative. 

On behalf of The Meeting Place and the Project Advisory Group, we would like to thank everyone who completed applications and showed interest in this initiative. We are looking for community feedback from those who were interested but did not get an application in, or submitted late applications, as we design the next phase of this housing initiative. Please visit www.tobermorymeetingplace.com or reach out to info@tobermorymeetingplace.com for an opportunity to provide feedback.