Letter: Our Hearts Go Out To Chi-Cheemaun Staff 


Folks may not be aware of this but the staff aboard the Chi-Cheemaun ferry are predominantly from the east coast and so have been greatly affected by this past week’s devastation from tropical storm Fiona. We can all imagine their fears and concern for loved ones back home. We all can relate to what it’s like not to be with our loved ones during times of crisis as many of us experienced that during the last 2 years of covid and lock down.

Not until I had the pleasure of being neighbours with many of them my first few summers here on the Bruce did I come to know of the sacrifices the crew aboard the Chi-Cheemaun make every season as they leave their homes, their children and their aging parents to come here and work. And many of them have been doing just that for over 20 years now. It’s a way of life for Maritimers but that does not make it any easier especially at times like this. 

I am not sure what we can do to help but I do want them to know we care and we appreciate them. So I’m inviting all of the crew and all of you to join at the legion on Saturday, October 8th from 6 to 8 pm (after the meat draw). 

 Yvette Roberts