Parking Meters and New Parking Restrictions in Lion’s Head

Kincardine family pays for parking at the McCurdy lot in Lion’s Head, May 2021. BPP File Photo.
By Joanne Rodgers, Bruce Peninsula Press

Parking Meters, Paid Parking signs and signs restricting or limiting parking appeared in Lion’s Head during the week of May 9. These new parking restrictions went into effect on May 15. Holders of the blue Resident Parking Pass issued by the Municipality of Northern Bruce are allowed three hours free parking in the areas designated as Paid Parking in Lion’s Head. (Turn to page 26 for Municipal Notice Board – Resident Parking Pass Information)

Residents are expected to observe all road parking restrictions 

Currently there are no Resident Only parking spots, but there are two 15 minute free parking spots in front of the Post Office and another two spots in front of the Hardware Store.

Residents get 3 hour free parking at McCurdy

Visitors to the Lion’s Head Lookout are required to pay for parking at the McCurdy parking lot. Visitors can opt to pay at an hourly rate of $5 or the $30 all day parking pass. However, the all day pass is not transferable to other areas of paid parking within the municipality. Residents displaying their Resident Parking Pass are allowed three hours free parking at McCurdy.

No Camping signs posted at Beach Pavilion and Marina

Visitor overnight parking will not be allowed on roads, the beach area and the marina. 

No camping sign at the Lion’s Head marina.

Boaters’ parking first come first serve

There are no assigned parking spots for boaters, they are allowed to park behind the marina on a first come first serve basis. If they are unable to find a spot in this area, they can park in front of the Marina Office, in the Public paid parking area, and will be allowed 3 hour free parking. Lion’s Head Marina Slip holders will be issued a green parking pass. The pass is associated with their vehicle’s licence plate and is not transferable.

Municipality hires additional security guards

The Municipality currently has one full-time Bylaw Officer and two Seasonal Bylaw Officers and has contracted a Security company to patrol Lion’s Head. Last summer two guards were stationed on Moore Street to control traffic to the Lookout. This year, the guards will have additional duties, such as monitoring the traffic and parking situation in Lion’s Head, processing parking tickets as well as calling for towing services for illegal parking as required.

Shuttle Service delayed due to “Stay at Home’ order

Municipal staff is currently drafting the agreement regarding the shuttle service to be presented to Council. However while the plan was for the Shuttle Service to be offered to visitors for the upcoming long weekend, with the extension of the Province’s stay at home order this service will be delayed.

First year trial of parking regulations

The residents and the municipality are bracing for the onslaught of summer visitors and the effectiveness of the new parking regulations will be truly tested. Peggy Van Mierlo-West, CAO of the Municipality of Northern Bruce says that measures will be in place to deal with visitor traffic on the Victoria Day weekend. She states that traffic and parking will be closely monitored throughout the summer to determine if modifications are needed to be more effective. She says as this is the first time out, the current parking rules are “not a done deal” but allows for corrections as needed.

Net Zero cost to Taxpayers

The parking revenues for Lion’s Head is estimated to be $125,000 per year. Van Mierlo-West says the aim of the parking fee structure is that all associated costs such as monitoring traffic, signage, etc will be net zero, therefore not requiring local tax dollars.