Parks Canada Seeks Providers of Innovative and Sustainable Visitor Experiences at Fathom Five National Marine Park

News Release

December 18, 2020 – Tobermory, Ontario – Parks Canada Agency

Parks Canada is pleased to be working in partnership with the Saugeen Ojibway Nation, the Municipality of Northern Bruce Peninsula, and regional tourism organizations to build a sustainable tourism industry on the northern Bruce Peninsula.

Fathom Five National Marine Park, located in the traditional territory of the Saugeen Ojibway Nation, is seeking businesses interested in establishing new and innovative tourism experiences within the marine park. Fathom Five is known for its clear water, numerous shipwrecks, and the iconic Flowerpot Island.

Parks Canada is offering four (4) specific opportunities for businesses to provide:

·       Small volume, immersive, visitor experiences and activities on Flowerpot Island;

·       Medium volume shuttle service and guided tours to Flowerpot Island;

·       Large volume shuttle service to Flowerpot Island, and;

·       Small to large volume Big Tub Harbour educational boat tour service.

Submissions must be received by noon EST on Wednesday April 28, 2021.

This is a unique opportunity for businesses interested in providing creative and sustainable experiences to visitors to this world class destination at the northern tip of Ontario’s Bruce Peninsula. The region is rich in culture and heritage that include lighthouses, natural caves, diverse fauna, and incredible night sky views.


“Parks Canada is committed to working with local communities and Indigenous partners to protect and promote the rich natural and cultural heritage of these treasured places. Fathom Five National Marine Park is an awe-inspiring and unique gem on the Great Lakes. Parks Canada invites businesses to participate in this opportunity to provide unforgettable visitor experiences in the national marine park.”

Jewel Cunningham, 

Executive Director, Ontario and Waterways, Parks Canada

“Fathom Five National Marine Park continues to be a gem in the Municipality of Northern Bruce Peninsula. The Municipality is proud to be a partner with Parks Canada in developing a sustainable tourism industry for the region.”

Milt McIver, 

Mayor, Municipality of Northern Bruce Peninsula

“This is an important action taken by Parks Canada to create a sustainable tourism model for Fathom Five National Marine Park. The Saugeen Ojibway Nation has called this place home for thousands of years, and welcomes Parks Canada’s efforts to better manage visitation and to help visitors connect with nature and learn about the diverse cultural history of this region.”

Ogimaa (Chief) Lester Anoquot,

Saugeen First Nation

Quick Facts

· Fathom Five National Marine Park is in the traditional territory of the Saugeen Ojibway Nation. The area has a rich cultural history with many archaeological sites showing evidence of human occupation dating to the Archaic period (8000-2000 Before Common Era (BCE)) and through the Woodland period (1000 BCE–1000 Common Era).

· Following on the development of Visitor Experience Strategy and Visitor Use Management Plans this process seeks to create experiences that inspire visitors and foster sustainable use and long term protection of sensitive ecosystems.

· Together, Fathom Five National Marine Park and Bruce Peninsula National Park attract approximately 900,000 visitors annually, generating over $129M in economic activity within the region.

· The marine park contains an archipelago of uninhabited islands, including Flowerpot Island, one of the most popular attractions in the area.