L-R: Lioness Treasurer Bev Miller hands a cheque to Lion’s Head Food Bank volunteer Sheryl Roberts.

Ferndale, Lion’s Head & District Lioness Club has provided funding to assist the Lion’s Head Food Bank to help those in need in our area. It is almost Christmas and Lion’s Head Food Bank volunteers are busy filling Christmas hampers for delivery. Currently the food bank serves 21 clients, but volunteer Sheryl Roberts foresees the numbers will be higher as the winter progresses and more families are in need. 

If you are able to help, the main items needed by the Food Bank are peanut butter, jam, syrup, cheez whiz, coffee, canned fruit and vegetables and pasta of any kind. Paper products, such as toilet paper, etc., are also welcomed. Please note that those who wish to donate food products, need to make an appointment with the Food Bank volunteers. The volunteers will only be on site when they know people will be dropping off food. Call 519-378-8842

If you prefer, there is also a foodbank bin at the door of Hellyer’s Grocery store. For those who wish to provide money rather than giving food, there is an e-transfer address for those who wish to do so. The e-transfer address is [email protected]