Municipality Of Northern Bruce Peninsula Special Council Meeting Minutes November 9, 2020 – Municipal Funding Applications


MEMBERS PRESENT: Mayor Milt McIver, Deputy Mayor Debbie Myles, Councillor Laurie (Smokey) Golden, Councillor James Mielhausen, Councillor Megan Myles

STAFF PRESENT: Peggy Van Mierlo-West, Chief Administrative Officer, Cathy Addison, Clerk, Tessa Swanton, Deputy Clerk, Ryan Deska, Community Services Manager, Teresa Shearer, Treasurer

OTHERS PRESENT: Jace Weir, The Meeting Place, 

Nicole Gamble, Bruce Peninsula Society of Artists and Bruce Peninsula District School, 

Brenda Kerton, Bruce Peninsula Society of Artists, 

Sharron Colter, Northern BP Community Support Advisory Action Committee, 

Peter Reid, Crime Stoppers, 

Sheryl Roberts, Lion’s Head Figure Skating, 

Donna Hambleton and Isla Carmichael, Friends of the Lion’s Head Library, 

Lou Miedema, Lion’s Head Firefighters Association, 

Deryn Harkness, Keep the Bruce Clean and Green

Debbie Dover, Pike Bay Community Association

Rod Steinacher, Tobermory Community Gardens Group

Trace MacKay, Golden Dawn Senior Citizen Home

Beth Anne Currie, Bruce Peninsula Bird Observatory

John Grandy, Peninsula Bruce Trail Club

NOTE: Some members of Council and staff were present in the council chamber and the meeting was held via zoom, an electronic platform, for members of the public to attend. 


Mayor McIver called the meeting to order at 9:01 p.m. Council members were reminded to disclose any pecuniary interest and the general nature thereof that may arise during the meeting.


Moved by L. Golden Resolution #42-01-2020 Seconded D. Myles 

THAT the content of the agenda be approved as printed. 



There are no Minutes to adopt for Special Council Meeting No. 20-41, November 9, 2020.


There is no Public Meeting for Special Council Meeting No. 20-41, November 9, 2020.


There is no Delegation for Special Council Meeting No. 20-41, November 9, 2020.


1. Treasurer Report No. 20-24

RE: 2021 Municipal Funding

Moved by J. Mielhausen Resolution #41-02-2020 Seconded by M. Myles 

That Council receives Treasurer’s Report TR20-24 regarding the 2021 Municipal Funding requests and directs staff as to the allocations to be included in the 2021 Budget. 


2. 9:00 am – $2,000.00 request – The Meeting Place – Jace Weir – 2021 Funding Application 

Ask: $2,000.00 and waiving of fees for the use of The Meeting Place

Appreciates past support from the Municipality and requests continued support

Committed to providing needed services

Community Information and Resource Coordination (CIRC) role is particularly important 

Utilization has been growing year after year

CIRC coordinator assisted 121 additional individuals during the first four (4) months of Covid-19

Assist those with income, food, and shelter insecurity

Partnered with Northern Bruce Peninsula Community Support Advisory Council for their pilot project called Seniors Centre Without Walls

Organized the soft reopening of the mini gym 

74% of people that accessed CIRC services are seasonally employed 

Poverty is key barrier to life satisfaction and well-being

Learn what income insecurity looks like in NBP

Use current learning and broad-based network to provide CIRC services 

Employing two (2) CIRC employees

More virtual options will be provided during the 2nd wave of Covid-19

Increased hours in 2020/2021 for CIRC; want this service to continue

Embrace different ways of providing support services to the community

Some individuals face difficulty maintaining a living wage for all months of the year

Will continue to adapt to provide services

Has received two (2) grants 

The annual fundraising concert event was cancelled in May 2020, hoping to plan for the concert event in 2021

Shown capacity to raise more funds through other streams each year

Council supported a $2,000.00 grant and The Meeting Place

3. 9:10 am – $2,000.00 request – Bruce Peninsula Society of Artists – Nicole Gamble and Brenda Kerton – 2021 Funding Application 

Ask: $2,000.00 and waiving of fees for the use of The Rotary Hall

Bruce Peninsula Society of Artists (BPSA) was formed in 1997 by small group of local artists

In 2016, the group became non for-profit organization

The group meets once each month

Organizes the annual Children Workshops, Annual Studio Tours, Christmas Festival of Art show and Co-op Gallery in Ferndale

The group draws people to the area

Organizer of several special Lion’s Head 100 projects

People from all over Ontario come to see the art

The gallery is well visited and advertised in radio and magazine advertisements

Act as ambassadors for our area

Funding that was requested last year that was not used due to cancellations will be used in 2021

Requesting $500.00 for the ongoing maintenance of the BPSA website; the website is critical for the group to reach the community

Requesting $1,500.00 for personal protective equipment for the Co-op Gallery and new signage for the BPSA Annual Studio Tour

Requesting the use of The Rotary Hall for the Children Workshops

Recognizing the historical significance of the building, work is needed

The stair railings, roof, etc. need repaired

Need to know how to partner with the Municipality to ensure it is a useful municipal asset and our time and investment is secure

Who do we work with to move this forward?

BPSA supports 80 artists

Lots of volunteer effort and time

Peggy Van Mierlo-West is the municipal contact, and a meeting will be arranged to discuss needs and requirements for the building

Has yet to apply for other sources of funding

Council supported a $2,000.00 grant and the waiving of fees for the use of The Rotary Hall

4. 9:20 am – $2,000.00 request – Bruce Peninsula District School – Nicole Gamble – 2021 Funding Application

Ask: $2,000.00 request 

Plans for outdoor classroom and seating

Four (4) temporary learning spaces

One (1) whiteboard for each learning space, purchased through and installed through Blue Water District School Board (BWDSB) to be permanently mounted on the outside of the building

Student Council can purchase the whiteboards 

The cost is $1,600.00 for each learning space

Planning on a 2nd outdoor classroom near the secondary section with scheduled time slots

One (1) outdoor classroom exists and has been used daily at the school

Wooden benches for seating

Will do other fundraising initiatives 

A significant amount of money was fundraised for the playground equipment

Like to investigate building two (2) pavilions at the school

The learning spaces will be utilized beyond Covid-19

Have quotes coming in soon and can present to Council in the future

$1,000.00 of the funds will be allocated to the Breakfast Club program

Food is pre-packaged and delivered to each classroom

More students are taking food than ever before

When hot breakfast was served, the kids had 10 minutes to grab their food

60-70 kids would attend Breakfast Club under old the model, when buses ran late those kids missed out on the program

With Covid-19, bins are now packaged; plastic bins labelled with the classroom number filled with lots of pre-packaged snacks 

The program cost was around $600.00-$700.00 dollars/week last year

This year the cost is $195.00/day to pack the bins; $1,000.00/week

Every student is taking something to eat everyday

Now feeding 270 students everyday

Bins come back empty everyday

Have not been able to do very many fundraisers this year due to Covid-19

Received $7,000.00 from Ontario Nutrition Program

Have a shortfall of about $20,000.00 

Breakfast Club costs less than $1.00/day/student

Started a Facebook campaign; reluctant to ask school families for too much support as it has been a tough financial year for families

Not able to run the salad bar; hoping organizations will support Breakfast Club this year

Asking the Municipality for $1,000.00 towards Breakfast Club to support the program for one week

People are being very generous

Kara and Kyle of Hellyer’s Foodland are donating all groceries for November 2020 valued at approximately $1,800.00 

The BWDSB does not contribute to anything outside of the school walls, therefore are not financially assisting with the outdoor learning spaces

Councillor Myles noted the importance of the BWDSB helping with the project and the value of outdoor learning spaces 

Mayor McIver thanked Nicole for her creativity and outdoor learning initiatives

Supported a $2,000.00 grant

5. 9:30 am – $3,000.00 request – Northern BP Community Support Advisory Action Committee – Sharron Colter – 2021 Funding Application 

Ask: $3,000.00 

Seniors Centre Without Walls is a growing concept across Ontario

Seniors can feel lonely during the pandemic

Partnered with United Way Bruce Grey to apply for New Horizon’s for Seniors Grant and to implement a 5-month pilot project for Seniors Centre Without Walls in Northern Bruce Peninsula (NBP)

The project will begin March 31, 2021 to March 2022

Participants can talk via telephone and video (Zoom)

Chat lines on safety, health, and well-being topics

Included a copy of the sample program for November

Many opportunities for people to phone from NBP

In a rural area, the usual gathering areas are closed

There are many benefits to the program

Connection with others is important; loneliness was an issue before the pandemic

There is a large population of older adults who live alone in NBP

The program will help alleviate feelings of loneliness

Potential to become a program throughout Bruce Grey and for other municipalities to adopt the program

Sky is the limit 

Focus on the prevention of elderly abuse, awareness of scams and frauds, gentle exercises, and important news of the day

Choose topics and speakers

The over 55 years of age demographic represents over 40% of the population in the Bruce Peninsula

Most will remain on the Peninsula this winter during the pandemic 

Can have chat sessions with municipal staff

Hope to gain more partners

Support has been received from the Tobermory Meeting Place, Salvation Army, Council on Aging Grey Bruce, Pike Bay Comm Association, and the Municipality of Northern Bruce Peninsula (CAO)

The $3,000.00 request will be used to fund speakers, chat sessions, office supplies and a logo

Appreciate the contribution that Council gave the Committee of $500.00; the funds are still in the bank account

Mayor McIver stated that the program is an interesting and necessary idea

Councillor Golden indicated that a representative from the Safe Communities Committee is enthusiastic about the program

Supported a $2,000.00 grant 

6. 9:40 am – $2,000.00 request – Crime Stoppers – Peter Reid – 2021 Funding Application 

Ask: $2,000.00 request

Proactive program to anonymously assist in solving crime and improving quality of life

A registered charity, not a police program

Still taking tips, very few tips in NBP

Some arrests this year based on tips in NBP, such as Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry (MNRF) issues

Will be providing updates to police service boards

Asking for $2,000.00 to cover core expenses

Had to cancel the fundraising golf tournament

The OPP have indicated that they will increase support to Crime Stoppers

Crime Stoppers can provide Council with a quarterly report 

Mayor McIver stated that he appreciates Crime Stoppers and all their work

Supported a $1,000.00 grant

7. 9:50 am – $2,000.00 request – Lion’s Head Figure Skating – Sheryl Roberts – 2021 Funding Application 

Ask: $2,000.00 request and a reduction in ice fees 

Paying more for ice fees than registration can cover

Want low fees to include as many children as possible

Parents still cannot afford to send children

Installment payments have helped 

Biggest expense is ice time fees

Figure skating times that are scheduled are not prime time slots

Students can come straight from school and get on the ice

Received a grant for the past year which only covers one month of ice fees

Tried to get some sponsorships from businesses and other funding

Ran at a deficit without Covid-19

Will see close to a $4,500.00 deficit this year if the group cannot proceed with fundraisers

It was noted that perhaps the group could collaborate with the Minor Hockey Association 

Supported a $2,000.00 grant 

8. 10:00 am – $750.00 request – Friends of the Lion’s Head Library – Donna Hambleton and Isla Carmichael – 2021 Funding Application 

$750.00 request

Establish closer ties between the library and community

Promote knowledge 

Assist in raising funds; has been successful in raising funds 

In 2019, the group held its first book sale and raised $5,000.00

Unable to hold the book sale in 2020

Have applied and been successful in getting funds last year from the Community Foundation of Grey Bruce

Helped us with getting access to buy books for children at Christmas

Unable to have the book sale and do much fundraising 

Wants to complete three (3) important projects organized by the Head Librarian, Catherine Hawke

Create t-shirts that say “I Love My Library- Lion’s Head Library” for children

Work with the local Lion’s Head Foodbank to place books in the Christmas food hampers

The project costs include $300.00 for books, $200.00 for t-shirts and $250.00 for take out kits

Mayor McIver thanked Donna Hambleton and Isla Carmichael for their presentation

Supported a $750.00 grant

9. 10:10 am – $1,500.00 – Lion’s Head Firefighters Association – Lou Miedema – 2021 Funding Application 

Ask: $1,500.00 request

Funding will be used to supply the Civic Holiday fireworks display in Lion’s Head

Firework costs have increased

Funds are raised through bottle collection and setting up/disassembling the Lion’s Head Art Show

The annual fireworks cost is $5,500.00

It is a great community event

Would like to see the fireworks display take place at the Lion’s Head Marina rather than in the field; issues include clearance and busyness of the Marina due to the fishing derby 

A barge requires suitable weather conditions and is expensive to rent

Mayor McIver thanked the volunteer firefighters for their service

Supported a $1,500.00 grant

There was a break in the meeting at 10:22 a.m.

The meeting reconvened at 10:27 a.m.

10. 10:20 am – $2,000.00 request – Keep the Bruce Clean and Green – Deryn Harkness – 2021 Funding Application 

Ask: $2,000.00 request

Provide a service to people in Tobermory called Boots on the Ground Ambassador Program

The ambassadors will direct tourists in “hot spots” and inform them of best practices while raising awareness of sustainability and the environment

Partners with the Bruce Peninsula Environment Group (BPEG) and Bruce Trail Association

“Take your pictures and leave no footprints” concept

Mayor McIver thanked Deryn Harkness for the group’s work

Supported a $1,000.00 grant

11. 10:30 am – $2,000.00 request – Pike Bay Community Association – Debbie Dover – 2021 Funding Application 

Ask: $2,000.00 request

Most southerly centre in NBP

The building is close to 150 years old

Owned and operated by volunteers of the Pike Bay Association

Aging buildings create problems

Thank you for offering the grants as they have been valuable

Move towards a proactive, preventative maintenance approach

Floor in one area of the building has reached a dangerous point

Hard to get in there to remove plumbing fixtures

The grant and funds raised will cover the project

Community hub for activities

350 individuals call the area home

Population increases throughout the summer months and this year the population will be high during the winter months

Centre was closed to the community this year

The group supplies a monthly newsletter, operates an active Facebook group, and hosts online fundraising

Lots of donations are received, maintain an active online presence with 450 members on the Facebook page

160 families hold a Pike Bay membership

Pike Bay is growing leaps and bounds; new construction is occurring 

Volunteers want to offer classes at the Community Centre 

2000 participant visits

Had to cancel some rental bookings this year

Mayor McIver stated that the building is important to the community and it is good to see the memberships increasing

Supported a $2,000.00 grant

12. 10:40 am – $1,025.00 request -Tobermory Community Gardens Group – Rod Steinacher – 2021 Funding Application 

Ask: $1,025.00 request

Began in 2014 with raised tables at Tobermory Meeting Place

Steady growth since 2014

Currently, there are fourteen (14) beds and tabletop gardens 

Tomato and garlic, sunflower circle, berry patches, beds dedicated for birds, beds for pumpkins and squashes for kids at the daycare and school

Increased demand for everything around gardening

Three (3) beds reassigned for individual gardeners

Expects demand to increase

Skate park, dog park, community garden and fitness equipment are all being used

Organic gardening techniques

Contributes to food security in NBP and provides some fresh product to the Tobermory Food Bank

Working relationship with Meaford Community Gardens

Asking for funding for 2021 to fund ongoing yearly items, such as compost, mulch, seeds and starter plants and the Tobermory Primary Place and St. Edmunds Public School educational event

Looking for a small garden cart, boxes and soils and bird netting and fasteners

$400.00 in donations and contributions from the community and 50 plus hours of general labour from volunteers

Beds can be requested through the Facebook page and there is a small turnover every year

Mayor McIver said that there is lots of interest in the program and it is educational for children

Supported a $1,025.00 grant

13. 10:50 am – $2,000.00 request – Golden Dawn Senior Citizen Home – Trace MacKay – 2021 Funding Application 

Ask: $2,000.00 request

Grant is for a strategic planning session 

Addressing redevelopment options

Some board turnover in the past two (2) years

Funds will be used to hire a facilitator to take the board though zoom sessions to create a strategic planning process

The workplan involves community consultations for potential partners and supporters; will be speaking with the Municipality and Bruce County

Ryan Deska can connect with Trace MacKay regarding the Affordable Housing Taskforce

Supported a $2,000.00 grant

The Clerk left the meeting at 10:55 a.m.

The Clerk returned to the meeting at 10:56 a.m.

The Peninsula Bruce Trail Club presented before the Bruce Peninsula Bird Observatory due to no representation at that time. 

14. 11:00 am – $2,000.00 request – Peninsula Bruce Trail Club – John Grandy – 2021 

Funding Application

Ask: $2,000.00 request

Want to be good partners to the community

Address residents’ concerns

Recognize that the Bruce Trail is one of the most important tourist attractions in Grey Bruce 

Those using the trail are casual tourists

Trying to open new sections of the trail in different areas for workers and tourists so they do not go to Lion’s Head and the Grotto

Want to open a new parking lot south of Barrow Bay on the east side of Bruce Road 9 to reduce roadside parking congestion

Complaints regarding tourists parking in front of individuals’ properties

Intend to build an off-road parking lot in the spring 

Received a quote from a local contractor to build a lot for twenty (20) vehicles

The total cost of the project is $6,005.00

Management is based on property ownership

Mayor McIver stated that he appreciates the work done by volunteers on the Bruce Trail

Supported a $1,000.00 grant

15. 11:00 am – $2,000.00 request – Bruce Peninsula Bird Observatory – Beth Anne Currie – 2021 Funding Application 

Ask: $2,000.00 request

Implications of highwater levels, shoreline adversities

As the waves have continued to bash and highwater is more hyperactive the group has been taking photo evidence of the effects of highwater and thrashing waves on the coastline

There is water moving through the historic cabin

Afraid they will lose the building

Hope with the use of an excavator and shovel, some concrete can be added to the corner of the building

Have fundraised in a variety of ways

Launching online fundraiser tomorrow morning

The long-term plan for the building was noted 

The group has considered moving the building and has a MOU with Ontario Parks for stewardship

The group can recement the building without obtaining permits from the Department of Fisheries and Oceans (DFO)

Mayor McIver thanked Beth Anne Currie for her presentation

Supported a $2,000.00 grant 

Councillor Mielhausen left the meeting at 11:07 a.m. 

Councillor Mielhausen returned to the meeting at 11:08 a.m. 

Councillor Myles recommended that a long-term plan be determined for buildings, such as the Pike Bay Community Centre, Bruce Peninsula Bird Observatory building, Artists Co-op building and Tobermory Meeting Place.

Teresa Shearer, Treasurer, informed Council of a request from the Lion’s Head Promotions Group for funds to pay for gifts for workers at the Golden Dawn Nursing Home. It was noted that this may set a precedent regarding funds being redirected to another group.

Peggy Van Mierlo-West advised that the Municipality will be considering a long-term funding arrangement for larger groups, such as the Tobermory and District Chamber of Commerce, Tobermory Primary Place and Lion’s Head Family Centre as they submit annual requests. 

Teresa Shearer noted a late submission for funding for pickleball in Lion’s Head to supply equipment and an outdoor court. Ryan Deska, Community Services Manager, will connect with the submitter to discuss the project. 

Following Council discussion, no approved 2020 municipal funding grants will be allocated to another project. 

16. Requests for $500.00 and Under

– $500.00 request – Bruce Peninsula Art Show – Sue Dyment – 2021 Funding Application- Supported a $500.00 grant 

– $500.00 request – St. Edmunds School Community Council – Stefanie Harpur – 2021 Funding Application- Supported a $500.00 grant

– $500.00 request – St. John Ambulance – Grey Bruce Huron Branch – Kathy Murphy Ermel – 2021 Funding Application- Supported a $500.00 grant

– $500.00 request – Tobermory Health Services Auxiliary – Rob Davis – 2021 Funding Application- Supported a $500.00 grant

– $500.00 request – Wiarton & District Agricultural Society – Caleb Hull – 2021 Funding Application- Supported a $500.00 grant

– $500.00 request – Woodland Recreation Association – Dianne Thomson – 2021 Funding Application- Supported a $500.00 grant

– $250.00 request- The Rotary Club Lion’s Head Santa Claus Parade- Supported a $250.00 grant

– $250.00 request- Tobermory Legion Ladies Auxiliary- The Ladies Auxiliary Santa Fund- Supported a $250.00 grant 

17. Requests for the Waiving of Fees

The Treasurer will be providing a report to Council at an upcoming meeting regarding requests for the waiving of fees 

– Waive fee request for Ferndale, Lion’s Head & District Lioness Club – Cathy McLay 

– Waive fee request for Men’s Breakfast – Dave Robertson

– Waive fee request for Northern Bruce Walkers – Deryn Harkness

– Waive fee request for St. Edmunds Property Owners Inc – Udo Nixdorf

– Waive fee request for Tobermory Coffee Club – Joan Garner

– Waive fee request for Tobermory Tai Chi – Arlene Kennedy

– Waive fee request for Top of the Bruce Woodcarvers – Mike Marshall

18. Requests for $500.00 and the Waiving of Fees

– $500.00 request and waive fees – Bruce Peninsula Minor Hockey – Kelly Arps – 2021 Funding Application- Supported a $500.00 grant 

– $500.00 request and waive fees- Central Peninsula Sno-Drifters – James Sauve – 2021 Funding Application- Supported a $500.00 grant 

– $500.00 request and waive fees- Making Waves Festival – Lorraine Campbell – 2021 Funding Application- Supported a $500.00 grant 

– $500.00 request and waive fees- Royal Canadian Ladies Auxiliary Br 290 – Jill Raney – 2021 Funding Application- Supported a $500.00 grant 

– $500.00 request and waive fees- Lion’s Head Minor Softball – Carrie Thompson – 2021 Funding Application- Supported a $500.00 grant 


There was no Other Business for Special Council Meeting No. 20-41, November 9, 2020. 


There is no Correspondence for Special Council Meeting No. 20-41, November 9, 2020. 


Moved by J. Mielhausen Resolution #41-03-2020 Seconded by L. Golden

THAT the following listed by-law be given 1st, 2nd and 3rd reading and enacted:




There is no Closed Session for Council Meeting No. 2020-42, November 9, 2020.


There is no Closed Session for Council Meeting No. 2020-42, November 9, 2020.


Moved by D. Myles Resolution #41-04-2020 Seconded by J. Mielhausen

THAT the meeting adjourns at 11:52 p.m.