Bruce Anchor’s Alternative to Porta-Potties

Bruce Anchor’s new washroom units require water, sewer and electrical hookups, but can be hooked up quickly where those exist.
By John Francis

Bruce Anchor Cruises, in their ongoing efforts to improve the tourist experience in Tobermory, have found a much better alternative to porta-potties. The units offer a flushing toilet, a handwashing sink and an exhaust fan. 

Bruce Anchor have made their research available to Tobermory Chamber of Commerce and the municipality in hopes of effecting an overall improvement in the facilities offered throughout our community.

The new units are not as flexible as porta-potties — they require a sewer hookup, water hookup and electricity — but they can be hooked up quickly in locations where those exist. They also make an excellent stopgap measure in places where a permanent facility is planned.

A much better alternative to porta-potties, the units offer a flushing toilet, handwashing sink and an exhaust fan.

Tobermory Chamber of Commerce endorsed the idea of using these units to replace porta-potties wherever possible. Funding will be an issue here; the units must be purchased outright rather than rented by the month.

Expect to hear more as the winter unfolds.