Letter: Flagrant Disregard For Well Being of Ontario Residents Alarming


Be prepared for a flood of videos showing tourists not social distancing, not wearing masks, especially in captive situations (for example Flower Pot Island tour boats: Blue Heron Cruises to name one among others). 

Health Canada, the provincial Ministry of Health, the local Ontario Provincial Police, the Tobermory Chamber of Commerce, the Municipality of Northern Bruce Peninsula, the Better Business Bureau and other local and provincial media outlets, in addition to your own, will be made aware of the horrendous slap in the face to our national efforts to keep everyone safe. 

The masses of tourists leaving their garbage is one thing, but the flagrant disregard for the well being of local Ontario residents in the Northern Bruce Peninsula is alarming. 

Perhaps fining the tourist facilitators might work, or shutting them down temporarily would definitely solve the immediate problem. 

Money trumps safety? I can’t image a single major corporation in Ontario that adheres to that policy except for the Tobermory area of course!

Darrell Turcotte

Midland, ON,