In The Garden: Hints from a Mrs. Gardener Sitting Areas in the Garden

Submitted by Joan Regan

Plans, plans, and more plans. All on paper, and they seemed like a great idea when writing them down. But hold up woman, remember how old your knees are. However, I can dream, I can make plans, I can do it. Hell ya I can.

I have plans for my little sitting areas (there are a few) all cozy and all with a view of the gardens.

My plans are to not move the sitting areas, just the chairs that are in them. We have two large, heavy Muskoka chairs that Pete made a few years ago that I think would be just fine out on the front patio. But boy are they ever heavy and way too awkward for our two wheel buggy and our 50 yr.old big, ugly wheelbarrow busted a handle last fall. But I do know of two tall, dark, handsome and very strong young guys that will help us and I will feed them.

Depending on the season, or the time of day, we do have a choice of where we can sit and enjoy the gardens and/or the birds and little critters that call our yard home. The front patio, where I would like the large chairs, is close to the front door and breakfast, as well as the kitchen and coffee refills. Sitting there we can watch the world go by and we’re almost hidden by the huge cedar trees, always a breeze across that patio.

The back patio close to the house has a great view of most of the yard. This is where the old metal glider sits with its comfy cushions and close up views of all the birds at our old Lee Valley feeder, as well as the antics of the squirrels and chippies. A large umbrella will give us shade on the hot days of summer. So peaceful back there.

Farther to the back is a natural clearing; the first spot that we put out chairs while clearing the lot back in the nineties. Solomon’s Seal grows there in a couple of clumps, planted by Mother Nature. There are large containers surrounding this little area now full of Ferns, Hostas (no surprise there) and other shade loving plants. It’s a natural oasis compliments of Ma Nature and again always a gentle breeze. A relaxing spot for sitting, from there I can see our cute little house and still see the sunny garden that lately the butterflies seem to frequent more. After dinner the tiny hummers come out. I love sitting and watching those little guys. The one surviving Butterfly Bush seems to attract them to the back corner, as well as the taller planters that are full of annuals that have been moved there for their pleasure and for mine.

All our sitting areas have cedar chairs made by Pete and comfy cushions to settle down in. 

It’s in these little cozy corners I sit and make my plans. Always a small table handy to put my coffee cup on and to hold my pad and pen. So looking forward to these days; I have already penciled in some ideas… hmmmm.

Happy Gardening,


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