Climate Comment for November 2019: A Cold Month!

Submitted by Bill Caulfeild-Browne

November was unseasonably cold with a mean temperature of 0.2C, which is nearly three degrees below normal. The month started out with the remnants of the severe and damaging storm that hit us in late October. The second week was dull and cloudy and gave us the coldest night at -9.0C, on the 13th.

But things did improve a lot for the third and fourth weeks, with nine sunny days and another four or so that were partly sunny. Temperatures crept up and reached a high for the month of 7.2C on the 27th – there were even several nights without frost. 

This warmer end to the month is an anomaly we saw in September, when the second half of the month was distinctly warmer than the first half. For a few glorious late-Fall days we thought winter might be delayed. Then December came with an abrupt reminder of winter, accompanied by 20+cm. of snow, high winds and power cuts.

Precipitation was, as seems usual these days, above normal. Mother Nature endowed us with 82 mm. against a 20 year average of 70 mm. It rained on nine days, the heaviest fall being 25 mm. on the night of 27th. 

November is usually a windy month and this one was no exception. The average speed was 13 kms/hr and the strongest gust was 78 kms/hr on the 1st. This was a left-over from the October storm.

December has not started well so let’s hope for a warmer second half like we had in November.