Anxious shoppers flood into the arena at the annual Lion’s Head Hospital Auxiliary Giant Garage Sale - taken in 2019. Photo Credit: Cathy Viscount
Submitted by Brenda Kearney

A huge thank you goes out to everyone from Lion’s Head and surrounding areas who donated their gently used and loved items to the Lion’s Head Hospital Auxiliary in order for them to run their annual Giant Sale. The arena was packed and overflowing with all sorts of treasures and folks came from far and wide to attend and buy. 

As a very large crowd filed into the arena Saturday July 6 they could smell the bacon cooking, the coffee percolating and plants blooming. For four days the men and women of the Auxiliary had been gathering, organizing and setting up for the most successful sale in history! The arena staff (Bob and Milt) were on hand and offering assistance, advice and encouragement throughout the weekend. The Auxiliary members would like to thank them for their support.

Photo Credit: Cathy Viscount Photo L-R: Bargain hunters from afar! Mother-Daughter duo Pat Kostenko from Olmsted Falls, Ohio and Val Berry from Indianapolus with Donna Rocca of the Lion’s Head Hospital Auxiliary.

This year a sail boat was donated by Robert Schoenhofer from Hobson Harbor Rd in Lion’s Head. It was a wonderful item that certainly created much excitement. The Auxiliary hoisted the sale in the arena and put the boat up for “silent auction”. The bidding started Saturday morning and was to end at 12:30. Several folks were interested and put forth a bid, however two very keen young men (age 13) stole the show! Very respectfully back and forth the bidding went in the last half hour between these two with Reagan Taylor from Stokes Bay eventually getting the last bid in just before time was called. Lachlan Thompson from Miller Lake (the unsuccessful bidder) immediately went up to Reagan and shook his hand to congratulate him and wish him happy sailing! It was certainly a very touching moment with several glassy eyes in the crowd. How proud the parents of these two young men must be.


The moment was so great that later it was retold at a GBHS Board meeting. A few days after that one of the Board members called to say that she had retold the story to friends while visiting in the Kawarthas. Michael and Karen Fricker, the friends, live in Toronto, farm in Markdale and cottage on Shadow Lake immediately offered to donate another sail boat to the Auxiliary to provide Lach with an opportunity to buy from the gang! One Auxiliary member travelled to Meaford to pick up the boat so that its new owner could get sailing. Sometimes life is just so great because of the kindness and thoughtfulness of strangers.

The Auxiliary were so happy that the story of “The Little Sail Boat on silent auction” ended this way……wait a minute they don’t want it to end at all. Next summer both boys will be invited to the Auxiliary annual BBQ on Miller Lake and a sailing challenge will occur!

Photo Credit: Cathy Viscount Photo: Silent Auction successful bidder, Reagan Taylor of Stokes Bay hands a cheque to Brenda Kearney of the LHHA, with Dad James Taylor and Mom Martha McLay by his side. Ahoy, Captain!

Thank you to everyone who donated and then came to support the Auxiliary’s Garage Sale. We were able to raise over $21,000 to support the health care needs of friends, family, community members and indeed visitors to the Bruce.