BP Bird Observatory Swallow Survey

Many years ago, several active Purple Martin colonies thrived in “apartments” on the Bruce Peninsula.  Today this large member of the swallow family is completely absent from the Bruce.  Bruce Peninsula Bird Observatory (BPBO) seeks your views on changing bird populations on the Bruce Peninsula that might help clarify what is happening to some of our favourite birds.  Your knowledge and experience can help us understand recent changes to populations of swallows, martins and swifts on the Bruce Peninsula north of Wiarton.

BPBO have designed an online survey that will take about 20 minutes of your time to complete.  The purpose of the survey is to determine current and historic status and changes in populations of breeding Barn Swallow, Cliff Swallow, Tree Swallow, Purple Martin & Chimney Swift.  All of these species use human structures (barns, the eaves & walls of houses, nest boxes, or chimneys) for building their nests, some or most of the time.

If you have had any of these species nesting on or near your property in recent times, please complete this survey for us.

The SWALLOW SURVEY can be accessed at www.surveymonkey.com/r/5HJSDRL, will be open until November 20, 2015.  (You can copy the link and drop it into your browser.)

BPBO is a member-based, non-profit organization devoted to conservation, education and research related to birds and the environment. Our primary program is to operate the spring & fall migration monitoring program at Cabot Head Provincial Nature Reserve (as part of the Canadian Migration Monitoring Network).  As the voice for the birds on the Bruce, we undertake a variety of outreach and research/ citizen science initiatives.

Consider joining us at our annual fundraising banquet in Owen Sound on November 14 (ticket information is on our web site at www.bpbo.ca).

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