Friendship Club Of Lion’s Head – 2013 Review

Submitted by Roger White 

We are a group of seniors who meet in the Friendship Club in Lions Head. The building is located next to the Lion’s Head Arena on Tackaberry Street.

We are a group of 93 who enjoy the fellowship of each other and the many activities that are provided by the Frienship Club. Many of the readers will know us as fathers and mothers but mostly neighbours who strive to be good friends.

You will occasionally see us in parades or choir and some of us on stage and if you want a great game of bid Euchre this is the place to be! Our members are involved in the VON SMART program which is conducted in our hall. Line dancing is a staple at the hall. So many activities as you will see in our Treasurer’s Report to the municipality.

In any event we cordially invite you to join our happy club. What follows is a condensed report from our Treasurer Mike Jorna. The report is on the use of the Lion’s Head Friendship Club building or “Seniors Centre” as it served the Lion’s Head area as a Community Centre during the year 2013.


The Friendship Club operates the “Centre”, a municipal building, under the terms of a lease now starting the 2nd of a 3 year term. For its part, the Club fully operates the building as a community asset, being responsible for utilities, janitorial, maintenance and insurance. The club maintains a calendar on which is noted each and every use of the building both for Club activities and building rentals.

Over the years, the club has painted the building, installed energy saving window units, insulation, new wiring and panel, commercial grade dishwasher, replacement water heating equipment and plumbing, and purchased all furniture that is considered part of the building as well as dishes in sufficient numbers to serve a crowd up to the building’s capacity.

For its part the Municipality has upgraded aspects of the building as they relate to legislated standards of safety for a public building. At present, a new entrance is being constructed to allow full access to the building. This construction is a municipal project to which the club has contributed financially.

The management of the building, its rental and upkeep is done by volunteers from the Friendship Club at essentially no cost other than materials.

The use of the building by the club and rental of the facility to citizens are governed by Club Policy as developed over the years and reviewed annually at one of the Club’s regular monthly meetings held on the 4th Thursday of each month except December.

The club is constituted and is governed by an executive whose proposals and interim decisions are brought to the monthly meetings for decision by the membership at large.

 Usage of the Building 

-Bid Euchre: every Monday, Tuesday and Friday throughout the year except Christmas day.

-attendance varies from 20 to 40 participants each and every day that this event is scheduled.

-this is the biggest scheduled activity for the club members and the ones who participate are passionate about their attendance.

-occasionally there are a group of Bridge Players who use the centre when their regular location is unavailable to them. They play their cards at one end of the hall and represent a happy additional use and source of club income while the regulars play their bid euchre. Both the Bid Euchre and the Bridge games attract participants from the surrounding areas of Stokes Bay, Pike Bay, Barrow Bay, as well as from Lion’s Head and its surrounding area.

-Club Meeting: fourth Thursday of the month.

-attendance 20 to 35 members

-chaired by the President following an Agenda set by the Executive.

-Pot Luck Dinner: second Thursday of each month- time varies with season.

-attendance 30 to 40 members

-usually followed by cards, entertainment or games

-”emceed” by the President or designate.

-guests and prospective “new members” are welcomed.

-Special Club events including catered dinners at Christmas and on special club anniversaries.

-attendance 50 to 60

-entertainment and or cards and games

-Line Dancing: Each Tuesday during Sep. through June

-attendance 10 to 20

-Choir-Each Tuesday during Sep. through June.

-attendance 15-20

Community Use of the Facility

During 2013, the building was rented / used by families, community organizations, Service clubs, agencies, sports groups, businesses, etc.

The club has a fee schedule for its rentals and the rental administration is done on a volunteer basis (for many years now by Murray Bray)

The scheduling of Club activities is occasionally adjusted to facilitate the needs of the community.

Below is a summary of the use made of the building by “community groups” throughout 2013:

1-Family use for special gatherings: 16 occasions ranging from gatherings for birthdays, memorials, celebrations and family parties at Christmas time.

2-Commercial: special “sale” (The Cottage) 4 days staff training (RBC) 2 days

3-Community Organizations

-hockey day 1 day

-day care 1 day

-Isthmus Bay Ratepayers meeting 1 day

-Lioness Christmas  Bazaar 2 days

-VON training /health/fitness program 6 events

-VON classes  Jan-June 24events

-VON classes Sep-Dec  (twice/week) 30 events

-Zumba classes 2x/week Nov-Dec 15events

When the above information is added together, there were some 351 scheduled or rental uses of the building. The average time of each “use” would be approximately 3 1/2 hours.

By the Numbers:

-population of Lion’s Head:  app. 450

-Friendship Club membership in 2013, 92

-person-events 350X average attendance of 30 or app, 10,500 users of the Centre during 2013

-person-event-hours 10,500 X 3.5 or app  36,750 person-hours

As one would conclude from the above, the “Friendship Centre” aka “Seniors Centre” in Lion’s Head is a valuable and up to now self sustaining asset to the community. New members to the Club are welcomed as they bring new ideas and energies to the organization and will contribute to the future sustainability of the “Centre”

Report written by Mike Jorna, Treasurer of the Lion’s Head Friendship Club

Respectfully submitted by the Friendship Club Executive:

President Adelle Kyle

Past President and Secretary Mary Morgan 

Vice President Roger White 

Second Vice President Georgette Henderson

Treasurer Mike Jorna

Building Committee Chair Murray Bray

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