Tobermory Skatepark Committee Press Release Jan 24, 2014

The Skatepark Committee has completed an important outreach activity into the community to ascertain support for the multi-use ramp park.

  • An internet survey sent out January 13th has had broad based response with over 140 surveys returned. First level analysis reports 86% of respondents believe the Skatepark will be beneficial to the community and 43% plan on using the Skatepark. A full report on survey results will be available soon.
  • Personally addressed information letters have been sent to all seniors living in the Bradley H. Davis apartments across from School Bell Park, inviting feedback of any concerns regarding proposed location, noise or support. Feedback will be reviewed and responded to.
  • Letters of support have been requested from the business community and an update of the project has been included in the request.
  • The Skatepark Committee meeting on January 22nd was open to members of the public to join committee members and  Bill Jones of the Municipality for discussion and feedback on the project.  Concerns on the proposed location on the tennis court at School Bell Park, noise, and modular vs concrete designed parks were heard and noted.
  • Bruce Peninsula District School had three days of information circulation to students the week of January  20th and an opportunity to sign their support, complete the internet survey if they haven’t already and volunteer.
  • Hard copy of an information package and request for signature support has been located at The Meeting Place from the week of January 13th.

The Skatepark continues to fundraise locally and beyond with a mix of fundraising activities.

  • There have been two local fundraisers; a BBQ on November 30th 2013 and Dinner on December 14th 2013.
  • A crowd funding internet site has been established at GOFUNDME.COM  (search key word Tobermory) GOFUNDME link –
  • Volunteers have worked on the youth fund bottle return program and the project will receive funds from there.
  • Applications for recreation grants are being considered pending a decision on location and other readiness factors.

The Skatepark Committee remains in support of the Municipality’s proposed location at School Bell Park and that no recreation services are lost in favour of the Skatepark development. This new multi-use facility is about expanding options for active play space for youth, young adults, families and visitors within a positive community context of social and economic benefit. The Committee volunteers are committed to this project, researching the most cost effective design and equipment and providing information to the Municipality to assist in the decision on location.

Amanda & Jose Andino

President and Vice President , Tobermory Skatepark Committee

226-974-2808 / 519-596-1224 P.O. Box 91 Tobermory, Ontario N0H 2R0    or

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